Mission Stops

“The reason why we arranged the tour the way we did is that at first it was all urban centers.  But, we said, Raquel, we need to build a movement in this country.  And the way things are going now, it’s impacting all of us – white, black — all of us.  We really need to build a movement because for too long it’s been those at the top and all the rest of us.  So, what we’re hoping her visit does is help to build and really begin to build this human rights movement.”

–Tiffany Gardner, former Human Right to Housing Director, National Economic & Social Rights Initiative)


To jump to blog posts, press coverage, fact sheets, videos, photos and more of each of Ms. Rolnik’s 2009 U.S. mission stops, click on the links below (on the Campaign to Restore National Housing Right’s website):

New York, NY

Wilkes-Barre, PA

Chicago, IL

New Orleans, LA

Pine Ridge, SD

Los Angeles, CA

Washington D.C.

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