“This engagingly told story reveals in simple, accessible terms at least three profound and compelling truths:  that the systematic denial of the human right to housing is not an accident, that we do have the wherewithal to house everyone in dignity, and that ordinary people can build a movement to make that happen.  In fact, we are the only ones who can.”

Mary Bricker-Jenkins, Convener of the USA-Canada Alliance of Inhabitants


Read a review by Crystal Hall from Poverty Initiative…Click here


“Raquel Rolnik has done the best work exposing housing conditions in the United States.  Here, housing is just as bad for millions of people as it is in Africa, Asia and Latin America.  Despite her position with the UN, she has been silenced in the corporate media.  She is political dynamite.”

Professor Neil Smith, CUNY Graduate Center


“More Than a Roof is powerful, timely and inspiring.  A must-see for activists and others concerned about the nation’s housing crisis”

Michael Kane, Executive Director of National Alliance for HUD Tenants


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