Media Organizations

Below are several media projects and groups that are sharing stories about the human right to housing crisis and movement.

Crossing the American Crises: An Estreito Meio Productions;  this new feature-length documentary takes us across the country amidst the economic collapse, to the grassroots solutions in the hands of the people.

Dear Mandela: DEAR MANDELA brings us into the everyday lives of three dynamic leaders of the movement determined to stop the evictions.  The shack dwellers discovered that the innocuous-sounding Slums Act legalized mass evictions and violated the rights enshrined in the country’s landmark Constitution. They challenged the Slums Act all the way to the highest court in the land – the hallowed Constitutional Court.

Housing is a Human Right: Housing Is a Human Right is a storytelling project creating a space for people to share stories of their community and ongoing experiences trying to obtain or maintain a place to call Home. Housing is a Human Right is building a collection of intimate, viscerally honest narratives exploring the complex fabric of community and the human right to housing and land, painting a living portrait of human rights. Stories are recorded in sound in the tradition of oral history and shared as audio stories, photographs and multimedia across multiple platforms-including interactive exhibitions in unconventional spaces & broadcasts via traditional and new media outlets.

Media Mobilizing Project: The MMP believes that media must be connected to the economic and social realities of everyday life in order to build a network that addresses the root causes of the problems we face.

We Shall Not Be Moved: We Shall Not Be Moved is an on-going multimedia documentary project that tells the story of a growing grassroots movement that is using the power of bringing people together to help keep families in their homes after foreclosure.

Witness: Witness uses video and online technologies to open the eyes of the world to human rights violations, while empowering people to transform personal stories of abuse into powerful tools for justice.

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