On Sunday night, members of the National Alliance of HUD Tenants (NAHT) from across the country gathered to watch More Than a Roof as part of the largest tenant organizations’ annual conference in Washington D.C.  Many local NAHT affiliates played key roles in facilitating mulitple of the stops on the UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Adequate Housing’s 2009 mission.  According to Michael Kane, the Executive Director of NAHT, the film received “rave reviews” all around!

Members of the Campaign to Restore National Housing Rights met in Chicago, IL this week for several days of strategic conversations, solidarity in a direct action with local member the Chicago Anti-Eviction Campaign,  & to watch together a near-final cut of the Campaign’s first co-production of a documentary film, More Than a Roof!  Post-screening, the Campaign reflected on the Special Rapporteur’s visit in 2009, the resulting solidification of the Campaign’s grassroots Steering Committee, and how the crisis and movement have developed since the visit.  Rob Robinson, Special Advisor to the Campaign and a Co-Founder of the Take Back the Land national movement, facilitated the post-screening reflections and discussion as part of the broader weekend of strategic dialogues & action.