Bring More Than a Roof to Your Community

We are excited to help you use More Than a Roof in your community! Here is some information that we hope you find helpful:

How to obtain a copy:

  • Hard Copies:  Please email mtar@nesri.organd indicate “More Than A Roof DVD” in the subject line. DVDs are FREE, but please consider making the suggested donation of $10 for community-based organizations and $50 for academic institutions here(donations are processed through National Economic and Social Rights Initiative, indicate MTAR in the designation box).
  • Streaming:  To obtain rights to stream the film from the Web, email and indicate “More Than A Roof Streaming” in the subject line.

Download More Than a Roof screening materials:

More Than a Roof information flyer

Housing is a Human Right flyer

More Than a Roof screening poster

More Than a Roof poster

More Than A Roof documentary discussion guide

How to make it More Than a Film!

In addition to a Screening, we encourage groups and individuals to use More Than a Roof as a tool for movement-building.  Here are just two ideas for turning your showing into More Than a Film!

  • Community Storytelling Opportunities

Challenging the mainstream media narrative that silences, vilifies, and isolates those who are actually victims of the human right to housing crisis, More Than a Roof presents a counter-narrative that acclaims, raises, and connects the aspirations and struggles of those most impacted by the crisis.  Continue what the film begins by creating  storytelling opportunities at a screening to encourage members of your organization and other audience participants to share struggles and successes related to the fight for housing rights in the United States.

We encourage you to video and audio record these testimonies and join an online conversation about housing rights in the United States. Please contact us for details. Email

  • Panel Discussion(s) & Other Local Programming

In conjunction with a screening of More Than A Roof we invite local grassroots & media groups to organize panel presentations and group discussions, showcase their own media productions, plan trainings, workshops & other programming. We can help provide discussion questions, find potential panelists and more.  Email

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For more information about More Than a Roof or how to turn More Than a Roof into More Than a Film! Email or call (212) 253-1710, ext. 318.  Feel free to send us feedback, stories and suggestions.  We would love to hear from you!

To help support efforts to bring More Than a Roof to cities and towns around the country, click here